Every baby goes through it


A baby's first teeth (known as milk teeth) usually develop before your baby is born. Teeth generally start to show when a child is four to nine months old, although every baby develops at their own pace. This is known as 'teething'.

Some babies show few signs while others find it more uncomfortable - they get hot red cheeks, dribble a lot, are not hungry, seem a bit grumpy and chew on everything.

There are ways you can help make teething easier for your baby. Every child is different, and you may have to try a few things until you find one that works for your baby. Try teething rings and talk to your Dentist or the Pharmacist for advice.

Now is a good time to think about your child's tooth care routine. You can brush their teeth with a soft baby toothbrush and a smear of family toothpaste. Take them with you when you are going to the Dentist.

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The above information cannot replace specialist treatment. If you are still worried, contact a Pharmacist or your Health Visitor.