Ear problems

A baby's ears need to be treated with care


Babies may develop some sort of ear problem at certain times. Most children have grown out of ear infections by the age of seven. Most ear infections are caused by a virus which will get better by itself and will not need antibiotics.

Babies have some natural protection against infections in the first few weeks - this is boosted by breastfeeding. In babies and toddlers, bacteria pass from the nose to the ears more easily.

Ear infections can be painful and your child may just need extra cuddles and painkillers from the Pharmacist. Your child may have swollen glands in their neck - this is the body's way of fighting infection.

Children who live in households where people smoke or who have a lot of contact with other children, like those who go to nursery, are more likely to get ear infections.

See the Health Visitor's tips about safely cleaning your baby's ears, as they can be easily damaged.

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The above information cannot replace specialist treatment. If you are worried call NHS 111 or contact a Practice Nurse or your GP.