Bumps and bruises

Part of growing up


´╗┐´╗┐Minor cuts, bumps and bruises are a normal part of growing up. Allowing children to explore the world around them (with supervision) helps them develop and learn.

Most of your toddler's bumps will need no more than a cuddle to make them better. You will quickly be able to tell by the noise of the bang, the reaction of your child and the colour of the area affected, which are the more serious bumps.

If it looks like the bump may swell then use a cold flannel (soaking the cloth with cold water) or ice pack (but don't put ice directly onto the skin) to help reduce swelling and to cool the area for at least a few minutes.

If your child has had a bump to the head and it looks serious or symptoms worsen call NHS 111. Read the information under head injury.

If your child is under a year old and has a bump on the head take your child to A&E immediately.

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If you are worried call NHS 111 or contact a Practice Nurse or your GP. If you cannot get help straight away go to A&E.