Know the symptoms


Asthma is a common long-term condition that can be well controlled in most children. The severity of asthma symptoms varies between children, from very mild to more severe.

Asthma has multiple causes and it is not uncommon for two or more different causes to be present in one child. Asthma is more than wheezing. Coughing, recurrent Bronchitis and shortness of breath, especially when exercising, are also ways that asthma appears.

The two most common triggers of asthma in children are colds and allergies. After infancy allergies become particularly important and avoiding the allergens to which your child is allergic may help improve their asthma.

A sudden, severe onset of symptoms is known as an asthma attack, it can be life threatening and may require immediate hospital treatment. Asthma often runs in families and parents should avoid smoking indoors or near to their children.

Tell your child's school about their asthma and what to do if your child has an attack.

Call 999 to seek immediate medical assistance if your child has severe symptoms of asthma.

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Source: Department of Health, Birth to five 2009.